Hebburn Marina in 2002

Victoria Rd East with the 'Clock Hotel' at the junction with Black Rd.

Looking across Victoria Rd East into Black Rd from Jervis St

Driving along Hedgeley Rd in 2002. First right beside the Post Office is East & West Streets & into Barnard Cres.

'Franchi's fish shop on Hedgeley Rd was on the right past the tree.

This is a view of Frobisher St in 2002

This is a view of St John's church from Canning St in 2002

Not a happy place to photograph but familiar to a lot of Hebburn folk

After leaving the park & crossing St Johns Avenue, you walk into the cemetery & turn left to see this view.

Just inside the Park from St Johns Avenue looking towards 'The Swings' in 2002

A view inside Hebburn Park in 2002