River Tyne view from Pelaw Main
This is where Pelaw Main once was, where coal trucks discharged & the coal was delivered into awaiting ships.
The remains of the old Staiths still protruding from the /.river at low tide.
Another view showing where the coal loading system once was at Pelaw Main, which is along the Hebburn riverside & as far as the road goes today.
Another riverside view looking down stream with the old Naval Yard opposite.
Looking towards Felling past the bend in the river with what was the Naval Yard opposite camera position.
Loooking from Pelaw Main to Bill Quay and what was a small shipyard but no longer used.
View down river from Pelaw Main. Anglers now come here in large numbers. The Tyne is a top salmon river these days.
A view of the lovely Marina area from a carpark between Pelaw Main & Hebburn Marina.
View of the grassy banks at the Marina.Walker is across the river from here.
Remains of someold Staiths still surviving today. The wood must have been really excellent quality to last so long.
Another view of the Staith remains at Hebburn Marina uncovered at low tide.