I've just came off the 'Low Rd' into High Lane Row & first right is Witton Road. Hebburn 'A' Pit houses once stood on this land a long long time ago.

Up High Lane Row towards 'The Clock' then under the low bridge & first right into Ralph St. Right agin takes you to Railway St.

This is Railway St, and 1st left goes back to Ralph St. The connecting street is Page St.

This is far end of Ralph St looking towards Black Rd and St Oswalds Church in the distance.

Shakespeare Ave in Jan 2003. First left is Tennyson Ave, then Milton Ave further along .

Tennyson Ave which connects Shakespeare Ave with Hawthorn Ave in Jan 2003

Coleridge Square with Milton Ave right leading to Hedgeley Rd . At the opposite side of this 'square' is the rear of old Clegwell School.

Hedgeley Rd with Aln St left and the little park where once the Newtown School stood.Glen St is ahead over Station Rd.

Hall Rd looking towards the 'Lights' and Station Rd. Notice the busy roads these days? cars parked everywhere.

Hall Rd again, with Wellington St first left, then traffic lights on Station Rd/ Victoria Rd .

Bill Quay looking along the river past Pelaw Main, downriver towards Hebburn Marina in Dec 2002

Some of Hebburn's oldest residences dating from the mid 1800's. Continue along Glen St & reach Station Rd.

Glen St looking towards North Farm Rd & Reyrolles, showing our examples of mid 1800's housing. I hope these are preserved for future generations!

Glen St named because of the Scots who came to Hebburn mid 1800's. Thistle, St Rollox, Lyon, Buchanan, are others to make Scots feel at home.