King George V1 at Leslies in 1943. Can anyone spot Grandad or Uncle in the crowd?

Our Queen's mother shaking hands with 89 yr old Mr Taylor. Did that man ever retire?. What a brilliant War effort from him personally.

Buchanan St Victory party photo from Terry Cummins who also has a Website via a link on the main Hebburn Website.

Leslies in 1944.This is Lord Louis Mountbattens wife launching a ship. Mountbatten sometimes stayed in 'The County' when visiting Hebburn.

HMS Kelly in Dry Dock 1940 after being torpedoed in the North Sea. Those brave men that were killed are in Hebburn Cemetery.

A launch down one of 'Leslies' slipways

Young Len Stephenson who now lives in Canada, taken in Blindburn St backlane about 1934. Haven't times changed?

Outside Leslies, across Ellison St was the Canteen. I remember taking a 'Billy Can' of tea there for a neighbours dad in the 50's. This photo is WW2

A 1938/9 Newtown School photo. The lady who donated it is on right hand end back row (Sheila McFadyen).Irene Tulloch is 1st on left back row

Ron Bartram who lives in Australia sent this photo of St Oswalds 1949-50 team. Ron is the handsome blonde lad front left.

Mike Ellison allowed me to 'steal' this 1949 photo from his Site. That's Charles St across the road & the 'traffic lights' just out of sight.

Another 'stolen' one from Mike Ellison's site. I love this one of Pelaw Main Staiths just a mile along our riverside, past the 'Tips' & 'Copperworks'