Walter Wears who is 81 gave me this 1890's photo of his dad as a child standing in centre. That is his Grandad Wears on photo.

Bob Burns who lives in Australia sent this photo of him as a little boy with mam, dad & big sister. Bob has been researching his Hebburn family tree.

4 Hebburn lads on a cycle ride in our County Durham countryside sometime in the 1930's. Walter Wears is now 81 & he loaned me the photo.

The 'Boys Brigade' in Barrow St 1938, which was outside there HQ (behind the railings). That is Argyle St & Hedley Schools in background.

Photo of some Hebburn lads out in Egypt area on board ship. Anyone recognise a relative?

Billy Davies sent me this photo of his Aunt, Elsie Duff in the tophat. Anyone know why they were dressed up? Billy thinks maybe a Royal visit.

Bob Burns sent me this of his cousin Ann Burns on right who lived at Bradley Buildings in Glen St. This was taken outside in 1949.

Mark & Willamena Duff outside there Dunston St home in the 1940's. At least you can see what parts of the houses looked like from this photo.

Bob Burns's relative is the Umpire, and this is a Hebburn Cricket Team in the early 1900's. He lived in Buchanan St.

Walter Wears gave me this photo of a little piece of John St, and of course daughter Pauline in the 1950's. Pauline is now a Teacher in USA.

Walter Wears, now 81 with his pal John Hogg in Leslie Avenue 1938. Leslie Ave is just off the High Rd, next to what was Leslies Sportsfield.

This is 1958 Mons Avenue (NOT 1938 as previously stated) with Jutland Ave ahead. Left goes to 'The High Rd' Victoria Rd east.