Remember the Ballast Hill? These spectators used it as a vantage point to watch the Mauretania's launch from Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson's in 1906

1920's Carr St/Ellison St junction. The 'Pro' club was on that right hand corner in later years. Edward & James Streets were at the far end.

That is Albert St across Argyle St. The 'Gem' was further down out of the picture. Note the 'Clinic' next door to the Council Offices.

At the end of WW1 they had various celebrations like this one in Dunston St. This street was located at the ends of William & Cuthbert Streets.

This was a 'Charlton's' trip out from Holystone St at the turn of the century. It was virtually opposite the Ellison/Argyle St junction.

'Jackson' the Butcher's in Lyon St just along from 'The Commercial Hotel' in 1930. This would be just a few yards along from the Ellison St junction.

Lyon St 'Co-op shops in 1950. A few years earlier in WW2 a bomb landed in centre of this road & made a huge crater but the store remained intact.

1950's Victoria Rd traffic lights view. Note the 'Store Chemist' corner of Hall Rd.

Auckland Rd was built where the 'A' Pit stood. Names like Chapel Row, Cross Row, High Lane Row, Quality Row, Wagonmans Row,The Square,all now gone.

Lots of folk would have had a leisurely walk this far in the old days & stopped for a pint at 'White Mare Pool Hotel' or the 'Railway Hotel'

This is the 'Railway Hotel' across the road from the 'White Mare Pool Hotel' until the 1960's when they were both demolished.

Tharsis Sulphur & Copper workers early 1900's? The works opened 1869 & were situated over the lines from end of Glen St. It employed 450 workers.

Early 1900's 'Tweddles' 'General Dealers' probably in Carr St. This street ran from James St to Ellison St & was a main 'Quay' shopping street.