Dee Rd photographed as a request. Dee Rd is just off Clyde Ave & over that bottom house is Finchale Rd.

This is Wordsworth Ave from Coleridge Sq and this also is a requested view by an ex-pat who lived in the white house on the photo.

Mill Lane is fairly long, so here is a different view from previous ones.

Another view of ill Lane with Schools and Church on left and just past the pub (Mill) on right.

Just into Crawley Ave with Burnshead Methodist Church in distance

Birtwistle Ave which connects Crawley Ave with Johnston Ave.

That is Toner Avenue school up ahead, even though this is Johnston Ave.

Dukes Ave off Burnshead Rd which leads to Queens Cres at the end of street.

Burnshead Methodist Chapel is on the right here. It faces Crawley Ave.The next right is Queens Cres & 'The High Rd' is in distance.

This view of Crawley Ave is looking towards Mill Lane in the distance

The perimeter road that runs all the way around Lukes Lane Estate as requested by an ex-pat.

Scarborough Parade on Lukes Lane Estate where an ex-pat once lived & who requested a photo of it & the area.

The entrance to the 'Lukes Lane' school looking across Marine Drive

A view of the school from Campbell Park road.

School entrance with Lukes Lane perimeter road