'Hawthorn Leslies' lads in 1943. WW2 was on at the time & the Luftwaffe were trying to bomb our Industry. Thanks to Stan Newman for photo.

Apprentice Fitters of 'Hawthorn Leslies' in 1943. I've been told Stan Rowntree died a few yrs ago.Thanks to Stan Newman for photo.

Eric Flack's school photo taken at the 'Newtown School' in 1938.Anyone recognise dad or grandad or uncle?

Another Eric Flack photo of Reyrolles lasses who worked in the Transformer Shop in 1953.

Reyrolles girls again in 1953. Yet another Eric Flack photo.

A good day out on the beach getting a suntan in 1935. Haven't things changed a bit since then? Eric Flack sent this of his family

Reyrolles transformer shop girls at Xmas 1948. I've been told that the presents around the tree were sent to Prudhoe Hospital.

Can anyone remember this Hut beside the Ballast Hill? Photo taken in 1948 just after the War.Eric Flack photo again.

Eric Flack's Stag night in the Newtown Club with his Reyrolles workmates. Anyone recognise a relative?

1935 Beach photo of the Hebburn Flack family who lived in Jutland Avenue. Photo shows how times have changed.

This big house faces the Cemetery across St Johns Ave & is still there today. Sam was an Estate Agent & had the house built specially. Eric Flack pic.

This shows what life was like in 1954. Not many people had TV's in those days, so Mrs Flack was very lucky to have one.

Remember trying to get home to Hebburn from Newcastle with the queues in Worswick St? This is Eric Flack's mid 50's photo

Worswick St bus station long before 'The Metro'. Remember queuing for the 24, or the 47, or the 16, etc to get back home to Hebburn?

That's Reyrolles Sportsfield fence on left & carpark on right, with top entrance in view mid 1950's. Eric Flack kindly sent this photo.