Thanks to Lance Liddle & Tom Green for these photos of

Hebburn Victoria Cycling Club members. Recognise your mam, dad, grandad, grandma????

This was up on the Military Rd in January 1956. The road runs from Newcastle to Carlisle keeping close to Hadrians Wall.

This photo was taken in the Durham countryside. Walter Wears on the left has his 'early life in Hebburn' story on the website

It must have been great to get away from Industrial smokey Hebburn in those days & see the beautiful British countryside.

Hebburn Vics cyclists in 1945 and about 60mls from home at Gretna Green, north of Carlisle in Bonny Scotland.

This is the life eh? all this lovely fresh air, a lot different to what we are used to.1950's cycle ride using a Tandem.

Ron Newton a Hebburn Vics member in the 50's

Names (not in order) on this 1950 ish photo are as follows.

Vin McGrory,Dick Blackwood,Ray Newton,Ron & Bob Creighton,Harry Strike,Eric Wilson,Pop & Lil Richardson,J Auchterlonie,Ray Makin,D Harbottle,Bob Sayers,Glad Alsop,Winnie, Al, Ian,&Dot Romanis,Winnie Sayers

Two smiling Hebburn lads in 1947. Is that photo taken in Hebburn?

Hebburn Vics on a Sunday run to Rothbury in 1948. These cyclists were amazing, because Northumberland isn't flat, so lots & lots of uphill cycling.

1950 Cup Presentation.

1950 photo of two club members, probably taken in Hebburn.

Hebburn Vics at Elsdon which up in the Northumberlands hills. 1956 photo

Hebburn Vics at Corbridge in 1955

A late 1940's photo taken at 'Crossthwaite'. Any relatives among them?