Hebburn Boy Scouts a long long time ago in 1918. Does anyone recognise Great Grandad, Grandad, Uncle? Thanks again to Eric Flack.

Hebburn Boys Scouts at Gosforth Park in the 1940's.Another Eric Flac photo

Fancy pulling down 'Old Hebburn' & replacing the houses with flats like this in the Newtown. Eric Flack 1977 photo

The Marina in 1980's, a good vantage point to see the 'Tall Ships' leaving the river. RN Guided Missile Destroyer being fitted out. Eric Flack photo

Another view showing Walker Naval Yard across the Tyne. Eric Flack 1980's Tall Ships photo.

The first Arch on the Tyne Dock side, but there were quite a few more to pass through before getting to the Jarrow end. Another from Eric Flack

Chichester in the early 1900's, which is a well know area of South Shields. Eric Flack again.

King St 1905, looking towards the Market Place. Another popular street for Hebburn folk out shopping. Eric Flack again

Hebburn footballers W Robinson, R Robinson, G Dent, B Harbison, K Mann, B Samuels. W Stephenson, H Atherton, J Connely, K Harbison, P Stephenson.

1950's Worswick St again from that generous man Eric Flack. I wish everyone shared there photos like Eric does.

Marion Coyne's photo of her grandad Mather with her mother Elizabeth & a cousin about 1918. Elizabeth died in 2002.

This is Marion Coyne's family in William St back yard with a bit of the Co-op 'Store' in view.