George Dent senior with his children in the 1950s at Tyne View. George Dent junior & his cricketing pals behind 'Whites' in the 50s Kathleen Power & family at Tyne View where husband Tom was brought up by the McNeill's.
Monica Dent (now Sutherland) in Grans garden at 'Tyne View' 1950s Laurence Dent & Aidan Bruce with Fr Carey with 'The County' in view. Hebburn shipyard apprentice Carpenters in 1917-18.
Kathleen Power daughter of same name outside 54 Victoria Rd West, corner of Rose St. Kathleen Power & children outside 54 Victoria Rd West. Jane McNeill born 1933 at 'Tyne View' in the 40s or 50s.
Monica Dent who's married name is Sutherland at Tyne View 1950s. Tyne View once belonged to Tennant's Chemical Works executives Monica on what was once Mr Tennant's tennis court. 1950s