Mike Lynch photo. Geordie Armstrong became a famous No7 for Arsenal & died coaching the young players. I was in Geordies year at school

Mike Lynch's leaving class of 15 yr olds in 1958. Those prefabs are long gone & bungalows stand on that land now.

Remember Hebburn Infirmary? I was never away as a kid but the accident part was round to the right

Ellison Hall one of Hebburn's oldest buildings if not the oldest.

What a shame seeing a building like this empty. Today it is being turned into 'Flat's' to buy.

A 1986 Leslies Dry Dock photo for all you ex-Leslies lads

Another shot of Leslies for all the ex-Leslies lads. It now seems just derelict property

Ron French photo of Hebburn's 'Highland Pipe Band' .3rd rgt is Alex Redpath who worked at 'Craig's' decorators in Hebburn

Another nostalgic photo for any Hawthorn Leslie lads. Taken in 1979

1940's Barnard Crescent family wedding party from Mike Lynch.

Just to show fashions of the day, here is Mike Lynch's parents wedding photo outside 10 Bede Buildings on Wagonway Rd. Hard times compared to today!

Everyone must have seen the NEM Crane. (North East Marine, Wallsend). This one was taken in 1991

Someone requested a 'Simpson's Hostel Photo' so this one is from Mike Ellison's Hebburn Website. A housing estate stands here now.

Ellison Hall & St John's just a few years after WW2. Look how black the sandstone was until it was cleaned up. Ron French again.

This is a better aerial photo of Palmers showing a bit more clearly other bits of the town.