Ron French photo of 10 & 12 Victoria St but undated. Alyson Buglass photo of the accordion band in the Powerhouse Choir boy Trevor Munro in a Mons Ave garden 1945
Rhoda Ellis photo of E Smith her mother in law in 1907 The Venerable Bede church in Monkton Village 1907 Rhoda Helsby's photo on Reyrolles field 1935 ish
Rhoda Helsby is on this photo on Reyrolles field 1935. She's 2nd from right. A 1935 photo from Rhoda. Her pal Clara Weatherson is 2nd from left back row & her dad was a Barber. Hebburn Tennis club 1930s from Rhoda Ellis.Where was it taken?
Rhoda Ellis's photo of the 'Mikado' abt 1935 A photo of a Frazer's annual dance at the Mayfair in 1965 Ron French photo of old Victoria St