A Dougie Johnson photo from his schooldays at the Quay Board School in the 1930's. Thanks to his wife Mary Johnson for sending me this photo.

Ex Hebburn lad Alex Baker sent me this one of St Oswald's Choir in 1945. Alex lived close to the Granary adjacent to the old Ellison Arms Pub.

Joseph Carrahar gave me this photo of him and his older brother on the step of 'Granary House' in 1936. The Granary had been part of Hebburn 'A'Pit.

Joe Carrahar's very rare photo taken outside the Granary in the 1930's.This could be the only photo in existance of the 'Granary'

Billy Sinclair loaned me this photo of some of his relatives in Hebburn around wartime. This looks like 'The High Road' houses (Victoria Rd West)

Mrs Jones of Jarrow, kindly loaned me this photo she recently got from a friend showing Reyrolles staff at Xmas time around 1945

A Rhodas Ellis photo of a Reyrolles leaving 'do' in the 1960's.

Another Reyrolles group from the 60's loaned by Rhoda.

Reyrolles 1960's retirement 'do' from Rhoda

Alex Baker 'down the Colliery' in 1937 with Mr Simpson's cottage behind. Alex is looking east.

Alex Baker sent me this one of him 2nd right back row at Clegwell in 1948 (Form 5A)

Lily Elizabeth Baker in there family allotment at 'The Colliery' in the 1940's. Over that fence they kept 300 hens.