John Carr rescued this page of 12 photos from a Skip outside St Andrew's Church in the 1980's. Thanks to him we can view these old photos .

This is the old St Andrew's Dance Hall where generations of Hebburn folk met to dance.

The Powerhouse had a panto each Xmas time. What year was this photo taken?

Another 'Powerhouse' Pantomime photo showing the cast. Anyone have an idea of the year?

Powerhouse girls demo on how to get that health & strength. Les Gibson informed me his late sister Joan Scanlon is first left in front row.

The Powerhouse closed & the club moved to St Andrews.The lady teaching the children needlework is Joan Flack.

Powerhouse regulars on a day out somewhere, possibly the Beach? The man 1st right back row is Jimmy Milburn

More Powerhouse Club members on there day out. These photos would all be lost if it wasn't for John Carr taking them out of the rubbish Skip.

Another Powerhouse outing, but does anyone know where & when?

All those local girls & only one name is known. Surely some ex Powerhouse members from those days can name them?

Happy days at the Powerhouse. No one had much but they knew how to keep occupied didn't they?

The Powerhouse netball team but what year did they win that Shield?