The 1953 Powerhouse Xmas Party. Names include Sheila Scott, Margaret Rea & Barry Anderson

I recognised two lads on this photo, one of the McAtominey boys dressed as a sailor and the lad in the bow tie, Norman O'Donnell.

I think the girl 3rd from left back row is Mary Campbell who lived in William St in those days.

The Powerhouse panto cast sometime in the 50's. Aileen Burns is 3rd from right. Anyone recognise a relative or friend?

More of the Powerhouse keep fit girls of the 50's.

Mr Masson demonstrating how to lift. I wonder if he got paid for this? Lots of men would have done it for 'nowt'

Mr Masson making sure the girls were doing the exercise properly

Powerhouse gymnastic enthusiasts in the 50's. I remember that 'Horse' from schooldays when we used the 'facilities' there.

The Powerhouse 'weight lifters' on stage during a competition in the 50's

Can anyone give names of these lads taken around the late 50's? Steve Hobson & John Citrone are two names I have.

Mike Lynch tells me Davy Gill is 2nd from left & Kenny Bone 2nd from right. Can YOU name the others?

More of the Powerhouse panto cast from the 50's. A family called Yare lived in William St in the 1940's, related to Bambrough's/Irvings..