A Kevin Blair postcard showing Argyle St pre WW1.This was taken before the 'Clinic' was built where that low building is shown.

Another one from Kevin showing Carr St probably early 1900 with the 'C' Pit chimney in the distance

Kevin's postcard showing Hebburn Park in autumn in the early 1900's. Was that a WW1 memorial?

Another from Kevin showing the Boer War memorial on the little hill, not far from park entrance early 1900's.

Kevin's hand tinted postcard of the old Victorian band stand close to the 'second' Lake & boathouse. Must be early 1900's?

Another tinted postcard from Kevin showing the old drinking fountain in the early 1900's. Has the Sailor been drawn on the photo?.

Kevin sent this one of the 'Pierrot Troupe'. Who were they, what did they perform, where & when??????

Kevin also sent this old photo showing the 'Many haha's banjo band'. I think these played in the early 1900's.

Molly Carr photo at Belsfield in Jarrow (4th rgt 2nd row). I think if you passed first half of 11plus, this is where you moved to.

A nice old photo of Monkton Village pre WW1. Note the children playing beside the lamp.

My lifelong friend Frank McNabola sent me this lovely 1906 photo taken from Hebburn showing the famous Mauretania being launched at Swan Hunter's

Barry Cram sent me this photo his dad took in the 80's showing the Flats on the site of the old Pre-fabs. All are now long gone