Barry Cram's uncle on the right with Trevor Turnbull centre.Coke Oven men in 1972/3

Maurice Crewe photo taken from Hebburn showing a warhip similar to 'Our' HMS Kelly.

John McKenna's dad 'round the Lakes' in 1964. Reuben lived in Cambridge Ave & the dogs are 'Elk Hounds'.

John McKenna photo from his Ellison St window. Notice the Flats which are now gone!

Mr Rutter's photo of an old Lead Works building.

Eveleen Bennet was evacuated during WW2 & this photo shows her & Hebburn friends near Shotley Bridge where they were sent to.

Women workers at Palmers during WW2. This is a Gazette cutting, but better than nothing.

The last old building from the Colliery days 'Patrick's' shop. I took my kids there once & it was like stepping back in time

Another photo from Mr Rutter. This is St Aloysius Presbytery in 1982

A lovely old photo from Trevor Munro showing two of his Aunts at the Quay Board School in 1924. How things have changed!

Simpson's Hostel from close to the riverside. Another one from Mr Rutter.

Mr Rutter's again. What a massive building Simpson's was.In it's day it was fairly well equipped for the workers living there.