St Bedes old chair in St Pauls Church Jarrow. Notice how poor people were in those far off days of 1933

Earl St, Jarrow in 1949. The property was closed because the walls were bulging & likely to collapse

The 'brand new' Town Hall clock in 1951 projecting into Grange Road.

Cambrian St / Monkton Rd Flats in 1960 which are long gone & now part of Morrison's car park.

Queen's Road flats in 1978

I used to love going to Jarrow's posh 'Picture House' . This photo was taken in 1985

I've been told this 1958 photo is Burns St with part of the Regal Cinema on the right . These were some of Jarrow's oldest housing stock

Jarrow's Dee St in 1961 with an old Gas lamp

A pedestrianised Derby St, but I'm not sure of the year?

Children at play in Boldon Colliery park early 1900's. These children were born too soon. They had nothing so made there own entertainment.

Monkton Rd flats possibly 1960ish

More of Jarrow's old streets being demolished in 1969

Queens Rd Jarrow, but I'm not sure of the year

1969 demolishing of old housing stock with St Mark's Church in distance along Salem St

This was the 'Bede Chapel' in Monkton Village, which was bought by the Scott family & converted into a house in 1981