Finchale Rd under construction. That's Bob Canham's dad George getting his greenhouse built

The Slagheap slowly being removed. That's Cambridge ve with the little 'cut' through to it.

Another view of a snow covered icy lake with Ellison Hall in distance

Bob Canham's mates walking past Monkton Home in the 1950's. Maybe going to the Lord Nelson?

Bob Canhams 1936 Ford 8 at Rede Ave in 1956.Wasn't there a fish'n'chip shop just behind him then?

Bob took this photo of Reyrolles because it was such a familiar site to Hebburn folk on the train.

Another one from Bob. Not many people thought of taking photos other than family so Thanks again Bob.

Clegwell girls but I have no names or year it was taken. Recognise you mam, aunt, cousin?

A nice view of the Slagheap from where todays Elmfield Club is.I think thats Windermere Cres, before Hautmont Rd was built.

A ship launch from the Naval Yard. This area is Maloney's Quay & a bit further along is Pelaw Main.