Another page of Bob Canham photos. The lads are the Robson brothers, Alan Menny, Maurice Boyd & Alan Coates

Bob Canham photo of Reyrolles 'Relay Dept' on a night out probably late 50's early 60's.

This photo of the Coke Ovens was probably taken in the 1950's . See the brickyard kiln chimneys to the right?

Another Reyrolle's 'Relay Dept' photo from late 50's early 60's. Anyone recognisable?

Monkton in the 1950's. That path into Monkton has two large trees next to it. We played in those trees when they were much bigger 1957/8.

To the right is the start of building work on the new 'Mill Tavern' on Mill Lane.

Those 'Relay Dept' lads again. Anyone recognise dad or grand dad, uncle, neighbour?

Bob Canham & his mates in the Park 1957, no doubt eyeing the Hebburn lasses up.

Leslie's Sports day in 1957. In the distance is Hall's Garage recently demolished in 2005.

The 'Mill Tavern' now stands on this land at the side of Mill Lane. Is that 'Bluehouse Farm' roof on the 'High Rd' in distance? I think it must be.

Bob Canham''s photo taken in Reyrolles beside the Toolroom & Welders. I never worked there but my dad worked there for 48 yrs (As a Horizontal Borer)

The Liner 'Northern Star' tied up across the river around 1960/61 with a British warship alongside, possibly HMS London.