St Aloysius young footballers 30 yrs ago in 1975.

A Brenda Parker photo of the local Labour MP visiting Hebburn Colliery in the 1930's.Can anyone recognise a family member?

Brian Dennison past photos from his dads collection for me to Marion Coyne who arranged for me to scan them.That's Brian's dad in the centre

Labour Club dart players being presented medals etc by 'Jinky Jim Smith' a legendary Newcastle Utd player.Other names inc John Wilson, Dave Spenceley

Reyrolles footballers of the 1960's. Brian's dad is W Dennison is kneeling over the ball

Reyrolles footballers again. That looks like the Cemetery House in background

The Queen's father King George the sixth on a visit to Hawthorn Leslies mid world war two. His relative Louis Mountbatten commanded 'our' HMS Kelly.

My smashing old teacher Joe Carrol with his class of children. Joe had been in the RAF and was shot in WW2.

Another photo from Brian Dennison showing Reyrolles 'Relay Shop' workers .

Another Reyrolles 'Relay Shop' photo

Young St Aloysius footballers in the 1980's showing the Shield they won.

Hebburn man, Abbot Peter Johnson who once lived in Price St with his friend who happens to be Pope Benedict XVI. .