A memorial service at a Cenotaph in Clayton St, Jarrow two years after WW2 ended.

A modern day photo of the ancient bridge over the river Don near St Pauls Church, Jarrow which was mentioned in quite a few Catherine Cookson stories.

A lovely old photo of Ellison St/Grange Rd junction in the 1920's or 30's with Palmer's Cranes in view 'down the street'

Grange Rd in 1947. Remember the 'Regal' cinema? thats it on the right past those cars.

HMS Lion being broken up in a Jarrow dock in 1924. Thanks to Ray Marshall at the Chronicle for quite a few of these Jarrow photos.

Bedeburn Rd in 1932. Today, only the tallest church spire remains (Christ Church). Notice the lack of traffic!

Grange Rd in 1955 with Christ Church & the Baptist Chapel (which are still there today) in view.

Another Chronicle photo & this one shows the old Ferry in the early 60's taking motorists in there cars across to Howdon (It was a free service).

A lovely old photo taken in Hibernian Rd, Jarrow with John McLeans removals van parked on the right.

This is not a drawing but an early 1900's Ormonde St tinted postcard. See the old electric Tram!

Palmers Hospital in 1920 from the Chronicle Archives & kindly loaned by Ray Marshall the 'Remember When' editor.

Another tinted postcard showing the distinctive sloping cranes used by Jarrow 'Palmer's' in the early 1900's.