A lovely 1957 view Janis Blower loaned me, showing Reyrolles & the 'Bushing's' with Whinney Lane, the allotments & remains of the Copper Works.

Mr Harrison's photo taken from Hebburn riverside showing HMS Ark Royal passing Walker Bone Yard in the 1980s

An old 1889 photo taken at Bill Quay showing 3 boats under construction.Bill Quay & Hebburn had very close links in those days.

Brian Dennison loaned this Gazette clip showing Prince Consort Rd not long before it was demolished. Billy Clarks off licence was just up the block.

Arsenal's 'Player of the year' was my old school mate George Armstrong a Hebburn lad who went to St Aloysius 1949 to 1959.

Hebburn lads out for a few pints & possibly listening to Rock'n'Roll on the Juke Box which was 'the' music in 1960-62.

Kevin Connely loaned this photo. Norman Armstrong was the older brother of Geordie who became a top Arsenal (No 7) footballer.

Another Bob Canham photo taken from the Slag Heap showing the little path from Hebburn into Monkton.Monkton Home etc are in the background.

Rhoda Ellis (nee McIntyre)kindly sent me this lovely photo of her Class at Clegwell in 1953.

Pelaw Main Staiths with the Staith House Pub

Margaret Harrison (nee Campbell) on corner of Ann St and Church St looking towards Albert St where the old Store Hall can be seen.

Ray Harrison (3rd from left) loaned me this photo.There are 3 Sunderland footballers on this pic plus A English, W Sinclair (Pro Club)