Kevin Connely kindly loaned me this old photo of Aloysius Infant's around 1936/37

Mr W Ramshaw (3rd from rgt at back) who lives in Oz amazingly turned up at my front door with this 1955/56 Aloysius footballers photo.

Another from Mr Ramshaw who was on Holiday so decided to drop by personally with photos. What a lovely man!

Brian Dennison loaned this photo of St Aloysius juniors with head master Mr Golden & teacher Miss Cawthorn in 1965

Another Kevin Connely photo of Aloysius footballers. This one was taken in the 1950's

Kevin Connely photo in Aloysius church garden showing Aloysius senior footballers 1954/55 (All under 15 yrs of age as they left school at 15 then)

Kevin Connely's photo of St Aloysius seniors in 1954/55 just about ready to leave school for ever.

Another smashing Kevin Connely photo of St Aloysius 'senior's' in 1954/55.

Guess who loaned this? Yes its another one from Kevin Connely. Note 'Geordie Armstrong' in front before he became famous as a top Arsenal No 7.

Needless to say, it's another Alysius footballer's photo from Kevin, but this one from 1952.That's Geordie Armstrong's big brother Joe at the back.

Yes your right! it's another one off Kevin. These lads are 10 yr olds & Hebburn's famous Geordie Armstrong is on this photo aswell.

More St Aloysius Junior footballers from Kevin taken in 1955/56. Thanks to people like Kevin for generously loaning photos for us all to share.