No cameras then so a painting will have to do. It shows boatmen fishing in the Don 1780

Patrick Brennan loaned this & the next two photos taken in 1935. It was 1200 yrs since Jarrow's St Bede had died.

Another 1935 photo showing the big procession heading down to Drewett's Park next to St Pauls Church

Stanley St in 1935 with the procession slowly making it's way to the Park possibly for an open air Mass celebrating 1200 yrs since Bede died.

Paddy Scullion with Sammy Needham behind Ellen Wilkinson & Bill Thompson with the Bowler,Joe Symonds with the 'tab' &

That's my wife Joan with brother Alan & little sister Margaret outside Gran's house on Monkton Tce in the 50's. What lovely big houses they looked.

Mike Lynch sent this 1950's photo taken in Ellison St. That's his relatives on the left of the picture.

Cub's & Brownies outside my wifes grans on Monkton Tce in the 50's

An aerial view of Lindisfarne roundabout in 1979

St Bede's original school in East Jarrow next to St Paul's church dating from 1872.

A lovely old Poster proclaiming the opening of an Elementary school in the old Theatre on Drury Lane in 1870

A view of Wilberforce St from Salem St in 1980.