Enid Doran's bro in law Tom Turner sent her a collection of old photos for us to share. This one shows Leslies Draughtsmen in the 1950's

Mr Turner's other photo shows his dad with his carpenter colleagues in Leslies early 1950's

Another 1953 Coronation photo from Rhoda & taken in Buchanan St.

Rhoda Ellis sent this Coronation party in Buchanan St 1953. Recognise anyone?

Another one from Rhoda. That's her as a child in 1953 with the banded hat.

Mr Turner's dad also Thomas on the left with three of his team mates playing for Leslies around 1920 (possibly before, possibly later)

Leslies Carpenter's 1950's. Centre 3 front are R Duncan,R Nesbitt,T Lewis.Back rgt is 'Ginger' Martin, then D Javan & R Urwin

Mr Duff loaned this photo of a St Aloysius 1950's Trip. I recognised young Miss Cawthorn on it who recently died in her 80's

Mr Turner's photo of his class friends at the Newtown School in 1937-38.Isn't D N Oake an Estate Agent now?

My lifelong friend Frank McNabola loaned me this old photo of the Pyro's first workforce in 1939 & his dad is on it.

Mr Turner's photo of a Hebburn School but he wasn't sure which one. He thinks the 'Newtown'. His dad is on this photo but he doesnt know which one.

This Anne St drawing by Barry Hall is from a Local publication called 'Observing Buildings' which Lance Liddle has a piece in. (It's about 2)