A good friend borrowed this photo from St Andrews records showing St Andrew's Tennis Club in the 1920's. The house behind was just off Whinney Lane.

Dave Newby loaned this 1957 photo of Hebburn Palmers men in the bottom of the dry Dock. That's Dave as an apprentice in 1957.

Tommy Turner's in the early 1950's with his Leslie's workmates

Jeanette Barker sent this photo from Canada. Her husband Harry is the lad holding the 'batton' & it was taken in Jarrow railway station around 1960ish

That's Dave Newby on his motorbike in 1957 behind Palmer's 'Fitting shop'.

My old school pals son, Mick Clark loaned me this photo taken at the Quay Board School.2 names are Sonya Williams & Karen Whalen

Jeanette Barkers great grandfather Mr Keenlyside being thanked for his 50 yrs service at Foster Blackett's in 1930.

Another one from Mr Turner resting with his workmates on the deck of a ship in Leslies early 1950's.

Jeanette's great grandfather's leaving 'do' after 50 yrs at Foster Blacketts. This means he started for them in 1880.

Alice Pringle the day she left Reyrolles in about 1979 with some of the girls. Marian Dunn is my sister

An 1890 photo taken in St Andrew's when it was only 17 yrs old. Thanks to my old pal for borrowing this photo for me from St Andrews records

These are some of St Andrew's Church parishioners marching on Good Friday in the 1920's. Anyone recognise where this photo was taken?