Ken Watson who lived in Anne St, ontop of the Ballast Hill in 1951 with the Tyne & Swan Hunter's in the background

Vivienne Johnson nee Thompson who attended Clegwell in the 1950's sent me this lovely old photo of the Weslyan School children around 1915-20.

Vivienne sent this Clegwell photo of her & her class mates who won the Inter Schools Trophy 1956-57 season.

Another photo from Vivienne showing her relative Mr Drewry with four Hebburn colleagues in 1944. Recognise anyone?

James Quirke who lives in France sent this photo of his mother, Veronica Owen born Dunston St 1915 with her class of St Aloysius children.

A Ken Watson photo from the Ballast Hill in 1951 showing the river with a Dredger tied up. Ken will not see his photos as he hasn't got a computer.

A slightly different photo of Clegwell's 1956-57 Inter School winners from Vivienne.

Another of Vivienne's photos showing these Hebburn men in the early 1900's which I think is possibly against the Pit Wall.

Vivienne's 1920's photo of a Hebburn Ambulance with what could be the Aln St facing part of the Newtown School in the background.

Vivienne's grandad G Drewry who had Horses & 'traps' that ferried people around like an early Taxi service. Where in Hebburn was this photo taken?

Thats Vivienne's grandad Geordie Drewry again with his men. Where was this photo taken?

Ken Watson's photo from the Ballast Hill showing the old houses of Bonnacord St in 1951 with Hawthorn Leslies behind.