A T Turner pic of Trinity Methodists at Redcar 1950.His future wife Louise is on pic as is his Dad Thomas, aunt Barbara & cousin Joan

Enid Doran borrowed quite a few photos from sister in law Anne Johnston & this is one of them

Anne Johnston photo of Reyrolles pals on a cycle ride on quiet roads in the 1950's

Remember the Canon in the park? This is little Tommy Turner having a try of it around 1930ish

Anne's photo of Reyrolles men on a night out at the Mill Tavern, Mill Lane, in the 1960s.

Anne's photo of Reyrolles lasses having a breather. Not sure of decade but probably the 50's

These are Hebburn folk on a holiday possibly Ireland. My late aunt Mary Nicholson nee Dunn is next to the man with long trousers on the right.

Another of the Hebburn folk in the 50s (It was some Club organised holiday). 5th & 6th left in front is my Aunt Mary & her daughter Doreen.

Some more Reyrolles employees generously loaned to us by Ann Johnston

Another nice 1951 photo of Reyrolles girls who collected presents every Xmas for local charities such as Children's homes/hospitals etc

More Reyrolles lasses in 1950-52 collecting Xmas toys etc, for a home in Ponteland. Another Anne Johnston photo

Ian Glendenning's 1950's photo which may have been taken in the river, but we are not sure