Folk taking a breath of fresh air by walking on the Pier in 1937 just before WW2 began.That is a Ferry landing to the left.

Ian Glendenning unearthed this lovely snowy photo taken in South Shields in the 1920's.He thinks they belonged to a Hair or Gurr family.

A lovely old postcard showing the busy river Tyne at Shields in the early 1900s

The Shields ferry 'Tynemouth' at the Landing in the 1920s

Another Ian Glendenning photo of a 1920s lady taking in the North Sea fresh air with the Piers in the distance

A beautiful old photo taken before WW1 showing a church still there today in 2005. First left is the Market Place.

King St a few years before WW2 looking from the Market Place towards Ocean Rd and the North sea. .

King St in 1905. Is that an old horse drawn Tram? Peaceful days before WW1 started 11 yrs later.

An electric Tram coming into the Market Place from King St in the middle of WW1 (1916)

Another photo Ian Glendenning found, showing a 1920's comfortably off couple in North Marine Park, Shields.

1920's Ocean Rd long before Minchella's Ice Cream business took over that shop on the left with the sun blinds

Two World War 1 Army Officers in South Shields. I wonder what they were doing & what street that was?