Kevin's blurry photo of the old 'Pro' Club on the corner of Carr St & Ellison St & backing onto St Andrews Church. Barry Cram kindly sent this 1966 photo of Hebburn folk in Ireland in 1966 probably on a Trip organised by the 'Pro' Club in Carr St.. Kevin Connolly's 1980s photo showing Halls Brothers Garage just past the modern 'Longship Pub'. The garage has now gone.
Kevin's 1980's photo of what used to be 'Hewison's' papershop on the corner of Lyon/Ellison St. Behind it, but years earlier was the 'C' Pit. Hebburn 'St Oswald's' footballers were League Cup winners 1971. Kevin Blair borrowed the photo for me.. Kevin's photo of Leslie's Pavilion before being demolished in the 80's. Behind it stood an old Lodge which was the oldest house in Hebburn.
Maureen Ramshaw's 1947-8 Palmers Operatic 'Rose of Persia' photo.Who is the unknown girl?. Norman Feargrieve's kindly loaned this 1951 photo of Hebburn Newtown footballers playing for there 'Argyle' house Norman Feargrieves lovely old 1954 photo showing Newtown School lads at camp.
A rare photo of St Cuthbert's Vicarage which was built 'Out in the country' 1 mile south of the Church in the 1870s. It is no longer there. Janis Blower at the Gazette kindly sent me this 1960s photo of a Swan Hunter launch (Winston Churchill) Winston Churchill Launch