Kevin Connolly's photo taken just before the old Newtown School which opened in 1875 was demolished.

Kevin's other view of the school before demolision.

Kevin took this 80s photo of Reyrolles from the South Drive end of the sports field

This one is from the South drive end . Where the factory was is all new housing today

Kevin's photo looking down Victoria Rd West towards the town centre

Kevin's photo of my uncle Billy Nicholson's favourite pub years & years ago, 'Roy's' (Station Hotel) beside the Station Bridge.

Kevin managed to get some photos of these 'School st Flats' before they were demolished.

Another of Kevin's School St Flats photographs

St Bede's Well looks nothing like we remember as kids. This is it in 1980 after it's makeover. Where's the Slag Heap gone?

The old Staiths across from the old 'Royal Hotel' later to be renamed 'Dougies Tavern'

Kevin's photo of the Co-op's (CWS) Store Hall on the corner of Albert st & Lyon St just before being pulled down in the 80s

A sad looking 'Whites Marine' on Prince Consort Rd before getting pulled down. Today 'Whites Gdns' housing estate stands on the site.