Maureen Gordon (nee Scott) 1911 pic of Coronation party in Rose St. Flo Dowling is circled & her sister Jane is in white dress standing on right

Jim Johnson who lived in Buchanan St years ago sent me lots of photos. This one from 1958 shows Hartleyburn footballers.

Another from Jim Johnson showing the captain of Hartleyburn receiving the Palmers Hospital Trophy in 1958

Jim Johnson photo of Hebburn Legion footballers in 1962-3. That's Jim second from right, front row.

Tony Lee photo showing Ken English ex Powerhouse weight lifter on the corner of Ellison St/Lyon St in the 1950s. The shop was Hewison's.

Jim Johnson's photo of Leslies Drawing Office cricket team in 1960

Jim Johnson's photo of Lelies footballers outside the pavilion at Leslies Sports Field in 1961-62. I went to school with a number of these lads.

Jim Johnson's photo of Leslies apprentices football team in 1961-62.

More Leslies apprentices in 1961-2. These lads would have been born 1942-43.

Jim's 1960ish photo taken in Leslies Drawing Office at lunch time when the lads relaxed by playing cards

Jim's photo of the Newtown School Camp at Reeth in N Yorkshire 1951-2. Big lad at back is Jim.

Charlie Cram photo. This 1947 photo is of Davy Cram who researched Hebburn's History & passed this plus photos to son Barry.