Quite a few of the Reyrolle photos on the next few pages are from Ormonde Brown. This pic was taken at 1966 Concert Party

This early Reyrolles photo was taken at Redcar in 1912..

Reyrolles workers may be familiar with the name 'Peter Wrights Shop' where this 1920 photo was taken

Another 1920 Reyrolles photo with J Hull & Bobby Robertson

Reyrolles cricketers in 1921 & fortunately with all the names included

Reyrolles interdepartmental football competition winners ('N' Dept) 1921-22 & again I have added all the mens names.

The Transformer Room netball team of 1964

First Aid presentations of 1964

Some of Reyrolles managers & 'gaffers' in 1966

Reyrolles footballers in 1966 with names

Some of the Reyrolles employees who got there long service awards in 1965

Reyrolles 40 years long service awards in 1968