A 'Banks of the Tyne ' photo. The pub was known for years as the Ellison Arms on the 'Low Rd' opposite Hebburn Colliery 'A' Pit.

Joe Bosher in 1957 with his rock'n'roll group of Hebburn lads playing Elvis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard songs.

June Day nee Trotter kindly sent me this & a few more Colliery photos from her deceased parents album.

Another from June showing her great grandad Gaffin with the two wooden legs. She thinks he fell under a train on the lines

Junes dad 'Jonty Trotter' born 1910 will be on this photo taken at the Colliery School abt 1916-17 possibly.

Junes dad will also be on this Colliery School photo taken possibly a couple of yrs later 1918-20 but she doesn't know which child is her dad

June's dad 'Jonty' would be 13 in 1923 & is on this photo so she should be able to spot him on this photo.(Lad at the front?). Note the barbell .

Marion Coyne sent this newspaper cutting from 1972. Mrs Malloy & McDonald were sisters. One taught girls the other boys.

Tony Lee's family in Cutbert St opposite St Cuthberts Church. Those houses are long gone

Another from Tony showing how we had Back Yards not gardens in those far off days of the 50s

Joe Bosher photo via Ian Turnbull who's very generously collected quite a lot of photos for this website. This shows a Quay Folks reunion in 1988.

Hazel Winton daughter of one of my old friends (Ernie Clark) loaned this lovely photo of Hebburn Quay people probably taken in the Powerhouse