Doreen Gilmore nee Bruce kindly loaned photos for us to share. This one shows Station Rd shops in 1958 & no longer there

That is Doreen with her baby sister just after WW2 with a rare glimpse of the old Fish'n'chip shop at the top of Carter Ave behind.

Another photo from Doreen showing Hebburn men on a night out

John Black loaned this photo of Reyrolles men in there Driller Borer section of the machine shop in the 60s.

Another John Black photo taken in Reyrolles 1960s showing Mr Ellison at work on his machine.

Unidentified Reyrolles men in the 60s possibly on the Marking Off bench

Ken Simpson at work on his machine in 1960s Reyrolles.

Hebburn firemen on a night out at White Mare Pool in 1980 with there Station Cooks. Thats Doreen who loaned quite a few photos for us to share.

St Aloysius had a 'Lady Chapel' built around WW1 time & this photo dates from then.

A lovely old photo from Lynn Foy showing Leslies Carpenter's & Shipwrights. Her relative J Douglass is on the photo.

John Rice kindly sent me this photo after I appealed for a photo of John Hillis who had unfortunately died recently.That's John 2nd row from front.

Derek Denny sent this lovely old 1902 photo taken on the corner of William St and Ellison St. The shop was Denny's off licence.