More photos on this page from Lynn Foy. This one is of Clegwell footballers taken around the early 1950s.

Lynn's photo of her Great Aunt Agnes Halker at a Reyrolles retirement party.

Lynn's grandad Tommy Halker & pals having a pint in the old 'Dock' Pub in Tyne St

Lynn's photo of her aunty Sylvia Halker and school pals at the Quay Board School camp

Another of aunty Sylvia Halker's Quay Board School camp photos

Lynn's aunt Sylvia Halker on her new bike outside her Cuthbert St home

Tommy Halker at work in Hawthorn Leslies

Lynn's photo of one of Reyrolles workers Toy collections at Xmas time

Another from Lynn showing the annual Xmas Toy collection for the orphanage children

Lynn's photo of a Reyrolles long service awards photo shoot.

Tony Lee in Canada loaned me this photo of him taken with three St Aloysius pals in 1952-53 season

Four of Tony Lee's old pals in ther Aloysius strips 1952-53