John Black generously sent me a CD of 1950s-1960s photos showing Hebburn Cyclists. This one shows Albert Phipps his friend A Robertson

Thats John Black the man who contributed all Page 228 with his pals A Robinson & S Thompson

John Black's photo of lads called Allen & Ellison with 'Pop Richie' who ran a cycle shop in Hebburn

John's photo showing trophies won at a presentation at the cycling club

Lads called Croft, Craig, Albert Phipps & Walton with I think a lad called Auchterlonie or similar.

John Blacks cyclists friends resting and probably thinking its a long way home from here.

John Black on his beloved bike in the back lane

Pop Richies cyclist wife Lil with cyclists J & H Broadbent . Today in 2006 Lil is totally blind & living in a Nursing Home

K Milne, R Mackie & A Robertson out with the cycling club

Is this why the Cycling Clubs were so popular with the lads? Margaret Phipps & Pauline Thompson having a rest before getting back on there bikes

Margaret Phipps, Pauline Thompson & Sheila Tuff enjoying the fresh air after cycling from our smoky industrial Hebburn

Lads called Wilson, Dalton, Albert Phipps, Walton & Craig enjoying a hard earned rest after some hard cycling

Here they are again with Norman Fay a Bike Shop owner in later years

Pauline Thompson on her bike. Todays girls pose would probably be alongside there cars