Ray Finkill kindly brought me this whole page of photos to share. I recognised quite a lot of these Scouts as I went to school with some of them.

I recognise Terry Smith, Billy McBarron, John Brown & Barry Craig on this 1956 photo

The Scouts camp at Dilston near Corbridge in 1958.A year later the big lads were leaving school at 15.

Thats G Eskdale from Jarrow 2nd left on this photo. Terry Smith is 1st right.

Dilston Camp in 1958. G Smith & Jarrow lad G Eskdale are on this photo

I recognised John Whigham & Billy McBarron soon as I saw the photo

Bill Whigham & T Smith are on this one of Eagle Patrol 1958

The Scouts ready to head home from Dilston in 1958

I have no names for these boys

The 2 named boys went to school with me 1949 to 19 59

Having a well earned rest after a long Hike

Mr McAvoy was our Aloysius woodwork teacher. I named the lads on the photo. J Brown emigrated with parents in 1959-60

I named two of these lads and Eddie Foy tells me young Hepburn was Donald.

Wood Pigeon Patrol. I recognised George Smith 2nd left but no others.