Pages 237 to 239 are photos generously loaned by Peter Atkins whose mother May ran the off door licence shop on the corner of Ellison St & William St.

These Quay School trip photos were taken at Edinburgh in 1949. Names inc Arbo Robb,D Buckley,E Cruddas,L Hayley.

This is William St & Cuthbert St folk at there Coronation party 1953 & looking towards Albert St.

This is the shop May Atkins ran in the 1950s. An earlier page on this site has a similar photo of the same shop taken early 1900s & run by Denny's..

That's Peter Atkins at the rear of his parents shop. The biker is on Ellison St

Peter's lovely photo of long gone Hood St taken from Ellison St in 1965.

Peter's 1965 photo of Ellison St being demolished with Leslies Canteen still standing

Peter Atkins sitting on the shops beer promotional bottle in the early 50s with two pals G Morl & E Kane

Thats Peter Atkins on his 'Indian' motorbike in the 1950s. The 'Gem' is just out of shot unfortunately

Peter Atkins who later worked at Hawthorn Leslies on his motorbike in William St

A nice view of Hood St before it was demolished with a juvenile Jazz band heading upto St Andrew's Church in 1966

St Andrew's Church in 1965 with the wooden hut still in use.