This page 239 is mostly more pics from Peter Atkins. Peter & pals D Popay,G Morl,A Wappat,E Kane at the Lakes 1955.

The boys had just left school in 1955 so were possibly celebrating with a walk around the Lakes

Note the old Slag Heap in the distance in 1955. It is now gone & replaced by shrubs & trees

The boys in the corner of the Island Lake in 1955 with the trees of Monkton Village in the distance to the right.

Between each lake was a path like the boys are walking along.Strolling round the lakes in spring & summer was popular in the old days.

Last one of the boys at the lakes in 1955, Note the huge rocks which bordered a lot of the lakes

Peter Atkins photo of HMS Cardiff at Leslies in 1976. It was launched at Barrow in Furness

Peter's photo of HMS Llandaff' which was launched at Leslies in 1955 & commisioned 1958

HMS Illustrious in 1978-79 not long after its launch at Swan Hunters.

Peter's photo of the 36,000 ton RFA 'Olna' launch at Leslies. Kevin Blair emailed to say it was launched 1965 & commisioned in 1966.

Ark Royal being built in 1980 at Swan Hunters with Hawthorn Leslies in view across the Tyne

A busy 1950s possibly 40s photo of Swan Hunter & Whigham Richardsons with the Dry Docks in use.