George Black personally brought me all the photos on this page. Thats him with his mother in Jarrow High St backlane in the early 1950s.

George's sister Ann in Jarrow Park 1952 with the paddling pool behind

A hazy photo of George's pals in the 1960s. names are Rowan, Grimes, Longstaff, Donnely & Gatens.

George Black photo of Miss Ann Gray with Mary Amera 12, B Davis 5, D Davis 7 in Jarrow Park 1948-9

Mrs Black & I think that's George in Jarrow Park 1952

John Gallagher & Christine Black in the back lane 1958.George says it was 'South Back Street'.

Georges dad who was also called George on the old stone bridge with St Pauls Church behind him in the 1950s

George's sister Ann with two pals Margaret Connor & Maria Holmes

Valley View school children in the 60s

Jarrow Woolworth's staff in the 1960s

Another photo of Woolworth's ladies in the 1960s

Woolworth's staff in the 1960s. I've been told S Bray is also on this photo .