Dave Gill kindly loaned all the photos on this page.This one he took from Bill Quay showing Hebburn riverside & a busy Naval Yard.

That's Dave with his class mates at school camp at Lake Coniston in the 1960s

This is the old Mill Farm before the 'Cock Crow Inn' was built adjacent to it.

Mill Farm with the lake created from an old clay quarry.

Dave's class mates again at lake Coniston in the 1960s.

A nice view of the old Mill Farm with Reyrolles Test building in the distance.

Another photograph of Clegwell boys at the 1967-68 School Camp at Coniston.

Remember Reyrolles Sports Days? This shows Dave probably at the start of the 60 yds sprint

The old Hebburn Ferry.

A view of the Coke Ovens which are long gone. Some of the land is now greenbelt with some industrial units south of it.

Reyrolles often held management meetings at Otterburn Hall in Northumberland. This shows one of those meetings

Dave's photo of Palmer's main entrance on the 'Low Road' (Wagonway Rd) before demolition