The beach at South Shields in the 1880s over 120 yrs ago

A Tyne Dock tinted postcard taken in 1906 when sails were still used in the shipping industry

The SS Sovereign which was built in 1886 at Tyne Dock alongside the Granary. The ship carried cargo & passengers.

The promenade next to the Fair at Shields in the 50s

A Shields Tram at the bottom of Ocean Rd. Some Postcards on this page are courtesy of Andy Williamson

Andy's postcard of the Shields Tug 'President' in the early 1900s. Take a look at his website

Andy's old postcard of the Open air swimming pool at South Shields. Bet not many folk knew there had been a pool like this one in Shields.

Andy's postcard of a Tram at the Wouldhave Lifeboat Memorial Ocean Rd early 1900s. Andy's website covers much more of the North East than mine.

A nice photo from the 1950s of Marsden Grotto Pub from Andy's collection. If you like old photos then check Andy's site out.

A lovely early 1900s photo of a horse drawn tram from Andy's brilliant website which is well worth looking at.

I've forgotten who sent me this lovely photo of an early omnibus possibly before it was put into service in Shields 1910

A Postcard of the long gone cottage called 'The Nest' at Trwo Rocks in South Shields