Diane Gilfellon photo of Hebburn 11th Boy Scouts probably taken in the 1950s. Some of these Scouts were born in 1941-42

More of Hebburn 11th boy scouts. These were St John's scouts & Alan Campbell has helped with some of the names.

Another photo of the Scouts out on a hike. Alan Campbell kindly came up with most of the names.

Val Barzley sent me this photo of a lady outside her front door in John St possibly in the 40s.

Diane's St Cuthbert's girl guides photo but when was it taken?

Val Barzley's lovely photo of a St Aloysius girls class in the 1930s

Another one of St Aloysius girls in the 30s from Val. Look how poor & unhappy the children looked in those days.

Val's photo showing ladies that lived in Back Glen St pre WW2.

This photo is from an original copy showing Charlie 'Sculler' (real name Stubbs) who sculled folk across the Tyne to Walker .

This photo is from Kevin Blair & he kindly included the names. Its Reyrolles cricketers 1st team 1948-49 season.

Diane's photo showing three St Cuthbert's girl guides

The Hebburn Ferry at Wallsend landing in 1910

Kevin Blair photo of Hebburn Primitive Methodists 'Pierrot Troupe' but no date. These troups were popular 1880s to 1930s.

Hawthorn Leslies 'Titan' Crane loco with the old Hebburn 'C'Pit stone building on the right.

Diane Gilfellon's photo of Reyrolles long service awards in 1959