A young Stan Forster with the local Air Cadet's in August 1941

Stan's photo of Hebburn scouts marching along Argyle St in the 1950s.

That's Stan on the left with two Boys Brigade pals at camp in 1938.The camp was at Windy Hill, Marsk.

This one is a postcard I bought via Ebay & it shows Reyrolles office 'tug of war' team finalists in the June 1923 Sports day

Ray Beck borrowed photos from friend Audrey Mulhern & this one shows sister Winnie in 1951 Gladstone St.

Audrey's lovely photo of WW1 victory celebrations Gladstone St put on in 1919.Grandad George Russell is in the centre of the back row

Audrey's lovely photo of the women of Gladstone St during there WW1 Victory celebrations in 1919. Her gran Elizabeth Russell is 4th left front row..

Ed Alderson's family in the back yard of there home in Lyon St 1953. They lived beside Smiths Printers & the Store Hall.

Audrey Mulhern's sister Maureen in there Gladstone St front garden 1952

Three local lasses inc E Magilton. Sorry but I've forgotten who sent me this photo quite a while ago

Stan Forster photo of Hebburn Railway Station staff a long time ago. (40s or 50s). Many thanks to Stan's wife Winnie for lending Stan's photos.

Kevin Blair sent me this photo he bought via Ebay showing a Shipyard workers meeting near the Ferry Landing in 1979