Jarrow man Charlie Murray kindly sent me some photos for the website. This one shows 'St Agnes Guild' ladies in 1947-48

Charlie's photo of St Agnes Guild's 1948 Net Ball team.

Charlies photo (And he's added some names) of Grant St Infant School in 1937

Kevin Blair kindly sent me this scan of a Postcard he bought showing the Mauretania passing Jarrow in Sept 1907

This photo & the following three show sections of a panoramic photo of Jarrow School pupils in 1968

Section two of the 1968 photo which I think was supplied to me by Mr K Richardson. Apologies for the mix up.

Section 3 of the photo

Fourth & last piece of the panoramic1968 photo

Lindsay Bray kindly sent me this colour photo of the Valley View 1971 football team

Thanks to Kevin Blair for this lovely old photo of St Peter's Infant School children about 1900

Charlie Murray's photo with names he's added showing St Matthew's people in 1994

Charlie thinks this photo is of 'Youth takes the stand' in the Store Hall, Jarrow 1949