John Black who lives in Hebburn loaned this whole page of photos. This one shows a Reyrolles collection for the Childrens Home 1960s

Another lovely photo from John Black showing Reyrolles workers collecting toys etc for the local Children's Homes.

Medway Ave residents celebrations possibly for the Queens jubilee in the 70s

More Medway Ave celebrations from the 70s

Feeding of the older residents during the Medway Ave 1970s celebrations.

The feeding of the kids in Medway Ave 1970s during the Jubilee Celebrations

Residents of a Care Home which is no longer there but I was told was in Monkton overlooking Monkton Dene

Some of the Reyrolle's women on a night out

John Black's photo of Reyrolles women at a 'Do'

Three Reyrolle's lasses

More Reyrolles lasses

A Reyrolles night out.