Another old photo generously donated by Kevin Blair giving us a peep into the Platers Shed in Jarrow Mercantile about 1950

Bob Smith's photo of Jarrow's 'Greyhound' Pub football team in 1972. That's Bob back right.

Bob's photo of the 'Greyhound' Pubs trip to Morecambe in 1967

Bobs photo with his dad on it taken in Jarrow Labour club in 1985

Kevin Blair's aerial photo of a busy Mercantile Dry Dock in 1950-51.

Kevin's lovely old photo taken off the Mercantile Dry Dock in 1950-51.

Another photo from Kevin showing a busy Jarrow Mercantile about 1950

A busy Mercantile Dry Dock No 1 in 1950.

Kids in Pearson Place Jarrow. That's Bob Smith's dad with life long friend Jim Fitzpatrick.

Bedeburn Rd postcard looking from the junction of Dillon St towards the Town Centre early 1900s

Bob Smith's photo of Jarrow Low Simonside school children in 1961

This photo from Bob shows Low Simonside children in 1962.